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weview is a change model for a sustainable future

 we believe that making the world a better place is not something kids should do while studying,

its what they need to learn how to do.

 it all comes to creating a sustainable future

for a thriving planet and mankind.   


schools will become the core of the communities. functioning as collaborative learning centers and social-innovation generators.

The change is comprised of 3 major components - 


westart - progressive educational syllabus - 7-12 grade yearly program

Building awareness of the challenges of today based on the UN-SDG's

Training the teachers as coaches/mentors

Equips students with tools for creating innovative solutions for them


westartapp - a digital platform, enabling collaborative challenges solving

Multi-age groups teaming up around common interest/challenge

A database of challenges built by stakeholders from across the urban ecosystem

An effective outline for building entrepreneurial teams 
A professional support network of CSR volunteers.


wizdom - collaborative learning community center

An excitingly designed hub, located in high school. Opening its doors to everyone after school hours.

During school hours the wizdom leads and inspires entrepreneurship - innovative activities.

The wizdom operating model uses advanced participatory leadership methodologies 

A global network of innovation centers for sustainable future

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